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Your Online Massachusetts Construction Estimator:

For general contractors, subcontractors, developers, builders, and professionals in architectural and engineering firms, we've crafted the ideal solutions to match your specific needs. Harness the power of precision with our top-notch online construction estimation services in Massachusetts. With a certified engineer crew steered by Professional Estimators (PE), we deliver a highly accurate material list and quantity takeoff to fast-track your project planning. These services go beyond simple cost estimation; we view your project's financial landscape, detailing each component from a minor fixture to the most significant structural element.

With the meticulously prepared material list, you can confidently approach suppliers, knowing that your information is accurate and exhaustive. Moreover, these quantity takeoff services provide invaluable insights for project planning, facilitating precise budgeting and competitive bidding. Trust our online construction estimator to set your Massachusetts construction projects on the path to success.

ZIP Code-Based Pricing for Massachusetts Construction Estimation:

Level up your construction estimation process with our innovative ZIP code-based pricing for Massachusetts construction estimating services. We consider the unique market conditions present within each ZIP code throughout Massachusetts, delivering exact cost estimates modified to your project's location. This advanced approach, powered by modern software, allows for analyzing and integrating location-specific data. This enables us to provide a detailed breakdown of costs, including labor, materials, and variable expenses, unique to your project's geographic area.

These services cater to various Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) trades. Whether your project involves remodeling, general estimating, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) estimating, or plumbing, we provide highly accurate takeoff services. This localized, trade-specific approach allows for more competitive bidding, precise budgeting, and enhanced profitability. With expert ZIP code-driven pricing for Massachusetts construction estimation, you can confidently bid and plan construction projects more effectively.

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Wondering Why ROYAL ESTIMATION is Your Go-To Choice?

Busy Contractor? Missing Opportunities? Due to Estimating Gaps? We've got you covered. Our CEO, Harry Thomas, a seasoned Civil Engineer, is here to lead the way.

What's in it for You?

  • Save More than $500,000 BIG!
  • Win More Projects
  • Get Pro-Level Guidance

Estimation Leadership: A Message

Hello, fellow Americans! I'm Harry Thomas, not your typical suit-and-tie CEO but a Civil Engineer with over two decades of real-world experience. I've been there, and done that, from laying the first brick to overseeing massive projects. So, when it comes to construction estimating, consider yourself in expert hands!

Being A Responsible Estimating Company

At Royal Estimation, we're not just crunching numbers; we're here to make your life as an industry leader a breeze. No more leaving money on the table we're shaking things up in the industry, and I'm thrilled to lead the way.

Focusing on Elevating Your Construction Graph

We are one of the leading estimating companies in the USA. It is due to our Commitment, Efficiency, Expertise, Accuracy, and Trust. These aren't just words; they're the driving force behind everything we do at Royal Estimation. We're not just providing construction estimating services; we're crafting an exceptional journey for you in the construction world. Welcome to the Royal Estimation experience!

Let's transform your construction journey smoother, more efficient, and incredibly exciting!

Massachusetts Certified Estimators for Bid Preparation:

Speed up the preparation of your bids with the expert services of our Massachusetts-certified estimators. The team of highly qualified engineers provides precise, comprehensive, and bid-winning cost estimates that set your business apart in the competitive construction industry. Leveraging our in-depth understanding of the market, we modify the given cost estimates to align with your project's unique needs and location. The meticulously created estimates encompass every aspect of your construction project, from labor and materials to variable expenses.

We continuously update our cost databases to reflect the most current market rates, ensuring you always have the most accurate figures. Not only does this enhance the precision of your bidding, but it also helps eliminate uncertainties, allowing you to plan and execute your projects more efficiently. The company’s detailed, reliable estimates are vital in securing profitable bids. Connect with us today and let Royal Estimation’s Massachusetts-certified estimators give you the competitive edge you need in your bid preparation.

Serving the Best Construction Estimates for Massachusetts Nearby Cities:

We excel in delivering excellent construction estimating services in Massachusetts and surrounding regions. These include Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, New Bedford, Brockton, Quincy, Lynn, Fall River, Newton, Lawrence, Somerville, Framingham, Haverhill, Waltham, Malden, Brookline, Plymouth, Medford, Taunton, Chicopee, Weymouth, Revere, Peabody, Methuen, Barnstable, Pittsfield, Attleboro, and Everett.

Experience the Estimates with the Top 12 Bid-Winning Solutions

Indeed, these are not just one, two, ore three, for the first time in the USA, we are offering you Top Twelve bid winning estimation solutions.  


The Best Takeoff Services:

  • Takeoffs are supremely important in preparing winning estimates. Our takeoff specialists not only help you win the bids, but we also help you minimize material wastage and cost overruns. Hence, we provide you with near-to-exact material takeoffs every time. Save more, earn more.

Exact Labor Quantitiest:

  • It is always a big question for developers, general contractors, and contractors to quantify the exact number of laborers required for their construction projects. Here comes, our quantity takeoff personals. Our provided numbers of laborors remain sufficient at most of the times.

Area Code-Based Prices:

  • We estimate by following the zip codes of all the cities in the USA. So, what’s your zip code? Is it 90001 (Los Angeles), 33101 (Miami), 77001 (Houston), 10001 (New York), 98039 (Seattle), or 60007 in Chicago? We will provide you with estimates according to your area's zip codes.

Eco-Friendly Estimation:

  • When you choose us, you select the number one estimation company in the USA that is phenomenal in developing the estimates for green-construction projects. We know the estimation requirements of passive designs and all the eco-friendly construction trends.

Smart-Construction Estimates:

  • What is your project type? Is it an IoT-Based construction project? Then contact us confidently. We have proficient experience in creating estimates for the construction methods of the future. And we have proved our skillset in the USA. Just estimate with us and see the difference.

Expert Eye On Supply Chain:

  • We keep a close eye on material supplies and their usage in the States. Furthermore, we update material prices on a daily basis. So, after estimating with us, price fluctuations do not bother you much. Our estimates meet the comprehensive standards of America.  

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Joshua Bates


As a Boston-based contractor, I can confidently recommend Royal Estimation. Their estimating services are professional, timely, and incredibly accurate, making them an indispensable partner for any construction project.

Dina Gutierrez


Royal Estimation has been a game-changer for my construction projects in Massachusetts. Their estimates are always accurate and timely, which has significantly streamlined my operations and enhanced my competitiveness.

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Where Do You Get Your Estimate Prices from in Massachusetts?

We used zip code-based pricing data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to calculate our prices in Massachusetts.

Can You Do Construction Estimates if The Drawings Are Not Completed in Massachusetts?

Yes, we can estimate construction projects from partially completed plans and blueprints in Massachusetts. We will use the information provided to give you an accurate estimate of the project's cost.

Do You Provide Estimates on Historic Renovations?

Yes, we provide estimates for historic renovations in Massachusetts. Our experienced estimators are well-versed in evaluating and pricing the particular needs of these types of projects.

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